Entertainment tour “Rainbow Shards” 10/11/2023 – 28/04/2024

Kumu Art Museum
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A minimum fee of 180 € / 200 € for a group of 10 participants (or less). Price for children (up to 12yo) 18 € / per person. Price for teens and adults 20 € / per person
Prices apply to groups of up to 20 participants; for larger groups an agreement can be arranged.

Entertainment Tour
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Entertainment tour “Rainbow Shards”

The programme Rainbow Shards combines a visit to melanie bonajo’s exhibition “When the body says Yes+” with a creative workshop at the Kumu Art Studio. The programme is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues, or birthday parties.

Accompanied by the programme facilitator, you will visit the exhibition, where you will see four video installations by the Dutch artist melanie bonajo. bonajo’s work focuses on the physical intimacy created by touch, but also explores ecofeminist perspectives, generational aspects and body awareness. The contactless world of the COVID-19 pandemic led to touch deprivation, which the artist tries to alleviate through sensory experiences and self-expression as a healing technique. The design of the exhibition space plays with the perception of space and light. The installation in the entrance hall of the exhibition resembles a large vitrage. Inspired by this, workshop participants are invited to experiment with stained-glass art, to catch the magic of colourful light effects.

The workshop does not require previous experience in arts and crafts and is suitable for adults and young people from the age of 13.

The two-hour programme is available by reservation. Languages: Estonian, English and Russian.