Accessibility Programmes

The Kumu Art Museum is an open contemporary museum that continually aspires towards more extensive inclusion of people. We consider the necessities of different target groups and offer a wide variety of opportunities. Thus, the Kumu Art Museum has several activities for individual visitors, including visitors with special needs. We look forward to seeing museum visitors at exhibitions independently or within the framework of various public programmes. Kumu is also a visitor-friendly environment for groups, who can commission special programmes, excursions and visits.

Museum lessons

We believe that visitors should feel comfortable and secure in a museum. We want the museum to include all viewers, regardless of their special needs. The educational programmes of the Art Museum of Estonia are accessible to children, young adults and to all those with mobility, visual, hearing and mental disabilities. Art makes you see the unseen, art helps you share your thoughts and art touches us all. The museum lessons are usually held in Estonian or in Russian language.


Tereza Špongolts

Coordinator of Art Education Programmes

For the visually disabled

The ticket office can provide the visitor with a tactile plan for the third floor. Please inform us beforehand if you wish to come with a guide dog (Tel. +372 602 6000).

For visitors with mobility problems

All public rooms in the museum are wheelchair-friendly: lifts and/or ramps take people from one floor to the next. With advance notice, a bus for handicapped visitors can drive into the inner courtyard of the museum (through the car tunnel via Laagna Road). The parking place for the disabled is in Mäekalda Street. Ramps take visitors into the foyer. The museum is also accessible via Valge Street, using the lift for the disabled, which brings the visitor to the end of the pedestrian tunnel. From there, ramps lead to the main entrance. Wheelchairs can be rented at the second-floor information desk; toilets for the disabled are located in the lobby on the first floor, on the second floor next to the cloakroom, and on the fifth floor near the lifts.

For further information, please contact: Tel. +372 5691 5006 or +372 602 6025

For visitors with dementia

Kumu has created a programme for people with dementia and their family members called Meeting Again. Through telling tales and art therapeutic methods, the programme offers instructive activities in the museum. The meetings take place once a month on Saturdays from 13.00 to 15.00. After brief introductions, participants head to the exhibition to look at artworks in the Kumu permanent collection, which they have selected together, followed by a workshop based on creative therapy. Alternatively, they can enjoy cafe-style get-togethers. The meetings are organised by employees of the Kumu educational centre and the non-profit association Life with Dementia. The program is held in Estonian language.

For visitors with autism

Visitors with sensory hypersensitivity or autistism are welcomed to visit Kumu Art Museum. Among other programmes Silent Mornings are held in Kumu once a month on Saturdays from 10.00 to 12.00. On that morning Kumu Art Museum becomes an even friendlier environment for sensory-sensitive and autistic people, as well as for other museum visitors who appreciate a quieter environment. 

On Silent Mornings: 

  • the loudest exhibits are turned down; 
  • the museum does not host any excursion groups or school lessons at that morning; 
  • a special short tour is available for those who wish to attend it; 
  • Kumu Education Center has a quiet area where you can relax and refresh yourself if needed. 

A sensory map of the museum is also available and can be requested at the information desk during a visit. The map provides visitors with information about galleries lighting, sound levels and accessibility.

See the event schedule:


Booking tours

In order to book a tour for people with special needs, please contact: or phone: +372 5343 9230.