Kumu Conference

Conferences and seminars, which bring together experts from Estonia and abroad, form a part of the daily research activities of the Art Museum of Estonia.

On the one hand, conferences and seminars reveal the current state of studies in certain fields and, on the other, they raise new questions. The most significant papers on the study of the museum’s collections are published in the Proceedings of the Art Museum of Estonia.

Previous Kumu Conferences have focused on the following topics:

2023 – Rethinking Cultures of Environmentalism in Eastern and Northern Europe
2020 – Women Artists in Baltic and Nordic Museums
2019 – Symbolist Art and the Baltic Sea Region, 1880–1930
2018 – Lost and Found Spaces: Displacements in Eastern European Art and Society in the 1990s
2015 – Shared Practices: The Intertwinement of the Arts in the Culture of Socialist Eastern Europe
2012 – Art and Political Reality
2009 – What Will Become of the World After Us?
2008 – Refugees in Art
2007 – Different Modernisms, Different Avant-gardes
2006 – From One Century to the Next. Kristjan and Paul Raud