Student groups can supplement their visits to the permanent and temporary exhibitions at Kumu by participating in museum lessons. The museum lessons at Kumu include lesson series, classes or project days for kindergartens and schools based on specific scenarios. Within the framework of the courses, active study methods are used to introduce works of art and exhibitions, and usually an opportunity is also provided for active participation in creative work in the studio.

The museum lessons support the achievement of the study objectives outlined by the national curriculum and the development of general competence. What the students learn in school and experience in the exhibition hall help them develop a complete picture of the art world and associate art with what they are learning about music, literature, history, social studies, etc. The study rooms and studios in the Kumu Education Centre are fully equipped for creative activities.

Lessons can be booked in Estonian or Russian, and upon request in English as well.

The selection of museum lessons is listed on our Estonian website.

Please contact us if you wish to book a lesson.


Tereza Špongolts

Coordinator of Art Education Programmes