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The Kumu Art Museum is situated on the limestone cliff between Kadriorg Park and the Lasnamäe district. You can come to the museum by public transport, by car, by bicycle or on foot.

Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1
10127 Tallinn
On foot and by bicycle

The most direct route from the city centre is to take Narva Road to Kadriorg Park, and through the park to the end of Weizenbergi Street (it should take about 35 min on foot and about 20 min by bicycle).

By public transport
Due to road works there will be no trams to Kadriorg from 8 February. Please use buses for transport to Kadriorg from the city centre. You can find timetables and journey planner here https://transport.tallinn.ee/#tallinna-linn/en

By tram
Line no. 1: Kopli – Balti jaam – Hobujaama – Kadriorg
Line no. 3: Tondi – Vabaduse väljak – Hobujaama – Kadriorg
From the final stop, “Kadriorg”, walk to the end of Weizenbergi Street (it should take about 10 min)

By bus
Lines no. 31, 67 and 68: Estonia – Kivisilla – Kumu
Take the stairs near the stop and turn to the right at the top.
Lines no. 1a, 8, 29, 34a, 35, 38, 44 and 51 from the bus terminal at Viru Shopping Centre to the stop “J. Poska”
Line no. 5: Männiku – Vabaduse väljak – Viru – J. Poska
Line no. 39: Veerenni – Autobussijaam – Kumu (next to the museum)

See also Tallinn Public Transport Routes.

By car and tour bus

Via Laagna Street:
Driving from the city centre on Laagna Street, turn right at the second bridge (Võidujooksu). After crossing the bridge, turn left and then immediately right (look for the signs for Valge St), and drive to the end of the street. At the end of the street, turn left. Follow the brown Kumu signs.

Via Narva Road:
Drive from the city centre on Narva Road towards Lasnamäe until you pass the Russalka statue, then keep to the right in the direction of Lasnamäe. Up on the hill, turn right after the large parking lot. Follow the brown Kumu signs.

Free parking is available next to the museum on Valge Street („Kumu Parking“ on Google Maps) and on Mäekalda Street (Kumu” on Google Maps).

Parking for the disabled is located on Mäekalda Street.

Tour buses should park in the parking lot in Valge Street.


By self-driving bus

As of 28 August 2019, a self-driving bus is being tested in Kadriorg Park. Its route goes through the park up the Weizenberg Street to the Kumu Art Museum.

It should be noted that the bus holds only eight people and the passengers must be seated during the ride!

Schedule: The bus operates during the summer period on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 pm to 6 pm.

Stops: The bus will stop at the Katharinenthal Café, the Kadriorg Art Museum, the Kumu Art Museum and the Miiamilla Children’s Museum.

NB! In case there are any irregularities in the schedule, corresponding signs will be shown.


The Kumu Art Museum is located on the limestone clint between Kadriorg Park and the Lasnamäe district. The museum has two entrances: one on the Kadriorg Park side and the other on the Lasnamäe side. When you approach from the Kadriorg side, a curving ramp takes you to the first floor of Kumu, where the café and the auditorium are located. Doors in Kumu do not open automatically but have to be pulled outward by meander-shaped handles. 

The front desk and the cloakroom are located on the second floor. To reach that area, you need to take a slightly curving ramp directly upwards from the entrance. The ramp is about thirty metres long. 

When you come from the Lasnamäe side, you will enter the museum though the courtyard, the stairs and ramps of which lead to the main entrance. The main entrance opens to the atrium on the second floor of Kumu. Straight ahead, you will find a model of the museum and the front desk, and to the left is the museum shop. The cloakroom is located behind the front desk. To the left of the cloakroom is the Kumu Education Centre, lockers and a men’s toilet; to the right, there are more lockers and a women’s toilet. The great exhibition hall of Kumu is to the right of the main entrance. 

Free parking is available next to the museum in Valge Street and in Mäekalda Street.