Egyptian Blue On permanent exhibition

Kumu Art Museum
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Photo: Kumu Education Centre
Photo: Kumu Education Centre
Pre-ordered workshop

Egyptian Blue

The participants will mix their own paste during the workshop and form small figurines, jewellery or amulets.

In the ceramics workshop, Egyptian paste will be used instead of clay. Egyptian paste is an interesting material that does not need glazing before burning as the quartz mass will “glaze itself” in the oven. Quartz ceramics is somewhat akin to both glass and ceramics: the paste’s composition resembles glass, while the moulding techniques are similar to working with clay. The end result is a beautiful, glossy-finish object that has an eye-catching turquoise colour.

The quartz paste mixture was constantly improved in Ancient Egypt to imitate turquoise blue gems. The colour blue had a significant meaning to Egyptians: it symbolised the sky and the universe, as well as the river Nile and water generally. Therefore, blue was associated with divine creation and rebirth.

The workshop is suitable for children over 10 years of age. Younger participants will mould amulets and small sculptures from clay, which are then covered with colourful engobes (liquefied clay).

Pre-booking required. In Estonian, Russian and English
Duration of the programme: two hours

Note! On the days of the course, the participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge.