Painting workshop   On permanent exhibition

Kumu Art Museum
Group price from

Children group from150 €

Adults group from 180 €

Pre-ordered workshop

Painting workshop  

Painting under the supervision of an experienced instructor is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to take their first steps in the world of art and for advanced amateurs to develop their skills. During the workshop, you will discuss colours, composition, texture, light and shadow. Unlimited and creative atmosphere are the keywords of the painting studio. You can choose between various painting techniques, such as gouache, acrylic, watercolour and pastel. The technique and theme for the workshop can be customised for the event, the age of participants and the wishes of the attendants.

Maximum number of participants: 15
Duration: 2–2.5 h

Price for children: €150 per group of up to ten participants, €15 per person for up to fifteen participants
Price for teens and adults: €180 per group of up to ten participants, €18 per person

Workshops are usually held in Estonian but, upon agreement with the museum, we can also organise them in English or Russian.