Kumu REIV x Kosh (MAR) x OCB (MAR) x Halal Club 19/08/2022 | 21:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Kumu REIV x Kosh (MAR) x OCB (MAR) x Halal Club

Kumu REIV is an international art and music event taking place for the third time at the Kumu Art Museum. It brings together international musicians, performers and visual artists. This year’s theme is Arab culture, which is reflected in the dance performance, as well as in musical performances by artists from Morocco and Estonia.

Casa Voyager

Record label and train station from Casablanca, Morocco.

Kosh LIVE (Convergence / Casa Voyager)

After more than 10 years experimenting in the studio, Kosh is one of the few upcoming Moroccan artists to keep an eye on. Born and raised in Casablanca, during his years in the U.S. his interest in early acid tracks and Detroit techno truly matured. Whether playing DJ sets or performing live, Kosh knows how to subtly slide through different genres. Versatility is in fact often said to be his trademark. His music delicately blends nasty acid basslines, frenetic breaks, and electro beats, as well as warm infused pads and fast-paced techno.

OCB (Casa Voyager)

Energetic sets & fun, fast-paced tracks. No one does it better than this Moroccan, Brussels-based turntable prodigy. Noted for some memorable performances, whether as a DJ or live, through the years the discreet producer developed a strong passion for creating a sound experience that challenges social and cultural barriers by moving people to explore perspectives beyond the dominant trends. A multifaceted artist, he is the mastermind behind Casa Voyager, which he curates and manages.

Halal Club

In 2022 Halal Club springs forth from the fingers, eyes, brains and loins of Tarik Labrighli, Rasmus Neljand and Pasha xxxx. For years these three underground DJs have been furtively making music in their bedroom studios. All are known for their euphoric, sometimes moody and often downright kooky DJ sets in Tallinn’s clubs and legendary after-parties.
Discover a magic portal of music from the bold, bonkers and beautiful, one that takes you from one culture to another in only a few notes. Labrighli: “…the fact that people can come together in one space and enjoy doing one thing is very exciting; it kinda helps people to like and accept each other through frequencies.”

Dharma Doom LIVE (Halal Records)

Dharma Doom is an experimental music producer and live performer. Each performance combines improvisation with conceptual ideas of noise, club culture and building landscapes that are full of rusty iron pieces, torn wires and dreams you’re not sure you want to have again.

Fakedjjj LIVE (Halal Records)

Fakedjjj is a 21-year-old producer and DJ from Tallinn, inspired by Estonia’s chaotic urban landscapes and surrounding forests. His heavenly music seems extraterrestrial and alien, yet familiar and almost nostalgic.

Born to Bang (Halal Records, Off-Kilter)

Eclectic galore. From trip-hop to metal, from Sheffield Bleep to trance, from new beat to darkwave – the content of his record bag is as predictable as the weather in his native Estonia. After 15 years in the game, “Born to Bang” has become the go-to DJ for promoters who are looking for something fresh and different.

Labrighli (Halal Records, MÜRK)

Halal Club boss.

Keithy Kuuspu performance-kava

Keithy Kuuspu’s “Drug: Imagination” takes the audience into a (para-)reality where, together with astonishing beings from the middle of the cosmic dust of the galaxy, they experience a shift in reality. On the night of August 19, a ship from space lands in the great hall of Kumu, and from it the mystical creatures appear. They cannot be categorised with any other recognisable forms, and they exude primordial animalism, but in their human form they fit in with the rest of us. They do not come from any planet but float in interdimensional space. For half an hour, their ship descends into our midst to create one great field of collective fantasy.

Henri Hütt, Kiwa, Karl Joonas Alamaa, Lisette Sivard, Andreas Kübar

A spectacular choreographic ritual of pillows, where fashion, choreography and musical energy familiar from rave culture meet up with losing oneself in effects and surreality.
The costume design is by the young fashion designers Karl Joonas Alamaa, Lisette Sivard and Andreas Kübar, whose recent work is vividly illustrated by the socially critical chapter on revolutionary grey sweatpants in Tallinn Fashion Week 2022. The sound design is by KIWA. Henri Hütt is responsible for the production and choreographic whole.
The work is interactive: all visitors at the mysterious museum party are welcome to join in!

Secret Afterparty by Halal Club

Alexandra (Viper Room)
Micaela Saraceno (R2, Hall)
Klmn (Rütmika)


Mikk-Mait Kivi

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