10/09/2021 | 19:00

KUMU REIV x Giant Swan (UK) x Rezzett (UK)

Kumu Art Museum
Public programme

Location: 2nd floor, Great Hall

Special event of the exhibition “Up All Night: Looking Closely at Rave Culture”


19:3021:00 Workshop: “How to create a silver ring?”, artist Darja Popolitova
21:0022:00 Tour at the exhibition “Up All Night: Looking Closely at Rave Culture”, curator
Kati Ilves

22:0023:00 Contemporary dance performance “Club Compressd, choreographer Rene

23:0023:30 DJ Nikolajev

23:3000:00 Performance “Head Shift (Pea vahetus), Kiwa & Henri Hütt

00:0001:00 DJ Nikolajev

01:0002:00 Rezzett (UK), LIVE

02:0003:00 Giant Swan (UK), LIVE

03:0004:00 DJ Susanna Raiend


Giant Swan (UK)
The Guardian: Renowned for their shirtless, intensely energetic live performances, Giant Swan’s eponymous debut album plays like the distilled essence of their onstage act, featuring distortion, manipulated vocals and an ever-present, tub-thumping bass. It’s music that implies chaos but is carefully engineered to engender an effervescent freedom in its listeners.

Rezzett (UK)
RA: Before “lo-fi” in dance music meant DJ Seinfeld and YouTube algorithms; it was a fuck-it-all punk attitude that helped define such labels as L.I.E.S. and The Trilogy Tapes around the beginning of the decade. These records could work dance floors, but they were fuzzy and distorted, as though built with busted equipment. Since debuting in 2013, Rezzett have been making some of the most intriguing dance music in this sphere.


Club Compressed – Rene Köster
Rene Köster (veenus.me) directs a unique rave culture-inspired performance that compresses one true rave in full glory from beginning to end. Pre-party -> rave -> after-party -> comedown. It is a spectacle and experience that takes the viewer from the club culture to the dance floor behind the tent, to the VIP room, to the stage in the spotlight and back softly to the couch.


NIKOLAJEV (Incienso)
Susanna Raiend


Mikk-Mait Kivi

NB! Only people with a negative test result, people who have suffered from COVID-19 or who have received a vaccination course can participate in the event.
The COVID-19 testing station is open on site (10 euros for person).