Collective Painting 01/12/2023 – 19/05/2024

Kumu Art Museum
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A minimum fee of 180 € / 200 € for a group of 10 participants (or less). Price for children (up to 12yo) 18 € / per person. Price for teens and adults 20 € / per person
Prices apply to groups of up to 20 participants; for larger groups an agreement can be arranged.

Detail Nicola De Maria teoselt „Öö luule Lillede kuningriigis“ näitusel „Nende meeltes on lõputu universum. Itaalia transavangard ja Eesti külm ekspressionism“
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Collective Painting

The entertainment programme “Collective Painting” combines a tour of the exhibition “Borderless Universe in Their Minds: Italian Transavantgarde and Estonian Calm Expressionism” with a creative workshop at the Kumu Art Studio. The programme is well suited for a group of friends, colleagues or birthday guests.

First, the group will be taken by the programme manager to visit the exhibition, where they can witness the creative dialogue between Italian and Estonian artists in the second half of the 1980s and a seemingly endless world of painting.

One of the purposes of this exhibition is to draw attention to Estonian painting of the 1980s, its place in our recent art history, and the need for active interpretation. An important principle that Italian transavantgarde artists and the Estonian Rühm T (Group T) advocated was an approach to art that was subjective and focused on individuality and emotions, promoting absolute creative and spiritual freedom.

Inspired by that principle, participants in the creative programme are invited to take part in making a collective painting, thus contributing to a bigger world of painting. The group will choose a reproduction of a work on display at the exhibition and each group member will be given a piece of that reproduction, which they will then replicate in painting.

The outcome will be a collective painting, and if the group members wish, they can redesign the picture even after the workshop by reassembling the pieces to their liking.

The workshop does not require previous experience in art or handicrafts and is suitable for adults and youngsters aged 13 and older.

The pre-booked two-hour programme is in Estonian, English or Russian.