Auditorium reservation

If you have pre-booked an event space by e-mail or by phone, we ask you to send a guarantee letter by e-mail or post within two weeks confirming the booking and accepting the price.

If a booking is cancelled less than two weeks before the event, the client has to pay 50% of the listed price of the event.

If necessary, we ask our clients to sign the necessary contracts with the Estonian Authors’ Society before organising the event (e.g. when using music).

Technical supplies and transport 

We ask you to submit a detailed list of technical supplies at least two weeks prior to the event; otherwise, the Kumu auditorium has the right to cancel the booking. 

If you wish to use your own props for the event, transportation is possible from Laagna Road 

NB! Prior coordination regarding times and people is required. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance!  

Necessary information:  

  • registration number of the car 
  • driver’s name and contact number 
  • entrance time (service in)  
  • departure time (service out after the end of the event)

Safety rules

Please keep in mind that no open flame or smoke of any sort can be used on the stage as part of the performance. Smoking or using an open flame (including candles) is prohibited throughout the building.   

When installing props and equipment, the organiser should take into account that holes may not be drilled into the walls or the floors of the auditorium or the lobby, nor can anything be attached to the floors or walls using nails or screws.  

The client is responsible for the way that props and stage structures are installed and for the safety of their installation.  

No food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium. Thank you for your understanding! 


The Kumu auditorium can help advertise your event through Kumu newsletters and website. If so wished, please send us the necessary information. 


Mare Pedanik

Programme Manager of the Auditorium

Hele-Mai Madisson

Project Manager of the Auditorium

Johannes-Markus Krull

Lighting Technician

Lembit Krits

Sound Technician