Pricelist for the Cultural Performance

Hour Day*
Preparation and clean-up  50 €  350 €
Performance hour (including intermission)**  160 €
Microphone 12 €/pc
The minimum fee for the rehearsal day (if there is no performance on the same day) is 350 €.

* Day = max 8 h

** For concerts lasting less than 60 minutes, a 1 hour minimum fee applies.

NB! The auditorium price include the involvement of sound and lighting technicians (not design) before and after the event, but not during the performance.
Kumu Auditorium does not perform stage technical work.
Presentation equipment, e.g. video projector and laptop, is not included in the price. Check the pricelist here. 

NB! All prices are subject to 22% VAT . 


Mare Pedanik

Programme Manager of the Auditorium

Hele-Mai Madisson

Project Manager of the Auditorium