What does the body say? 27/04/2024

Kumu Art Museum
Jānis Ābele liikumise töötuba. Fotod Anna-Maria Vaskovskaja
Art course or workshop

What does the body say?

On Saturday, 27th of April at 16.00-18.00
Instructor: Jānis Ābele

We invite you to explore the exciting world of touch and how it can become more meaningful through play. This workshop is about discovering new ways to connect with yourself, with others and with the joy in life. Through playful activities, self-touch and authentic relating games, you’ll learn how touch can express feelings, create stronger bonds and teach self-regulation.

You will experience how playing and touching can help you understand others better, build trust, and have a great time together. Games, playing and exercise are interchangeable in this workshop context. It expands the context of touch beyond intimate relationships and leads to enjoying the warmth and connection that touch and play can bring. Join us in this workshop, and you’ll see how simple, joyful play can enrich your relationships and bring a smile to your face.
Come as you are, alone or with friends!

Jānis Ābele is a curious man from Latvia mesmerised by the world, exploring topics of imagination, embodiment and connection through drawing, reading stories, imitating old-school strongmen, honesty and physical play.

The course is in English.