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The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties]

The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties]

Time: 02.11.18–14.04.19  10:00–18:00
Location: Kumu exhibition spaces

The key concept of the 1990s is cultural discontinuation, the replacement of well-established customs and objectives with new ones. The exhibition takes an investigative approach to the art history of the era, examining some of its less-known and ignored aspects. The X-files interact with the hidden backstage of the decade, from which many new ideas sprang.

Curators: Anders Härm and Eha Komissarov.

The exhibition is part of the programme to celebrate the centennial of the Republic of Estonia.

Peeter Laurits. Pietá 7 Anaesthesia. 1992/2003. Art Museum of Estonia