Outside the Frame: Sticker Collage 29/11/2023 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum
Art course or workshop

Outside the Frame: Sticker Collage

29 November from 5 pm to 7 pm
Instructor: Kristina Villand

The course will be held in Estonian. Instruction is also possible in English.

Pasting stickers is a widespread street art activity, forming an urban subculture in its own right. Stickers and labels can also be found on various items everywhere: yellow reduced-price labels on food items whose best before date is about to expire, labels in shop windows, or round stickers as art museum tickets. These stickers have been designed to be functional. In this workshop, we will think beyond the usual framework of the sticker and create pictures of our own, using tapes of different colours, as well as other visually fascinating sticker materials.

Picture frames of different sizes will be available for participants. The pictures will be created on a transparent plastic sheet and framed as complete works of art.

Instructor: Kristina Villand. She has studied graphic art and contemporary art at the Estonian Academy of Arts.