Graphic Art: Tinfoil Print 16/06/2023 – 05/11/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Group price from 180
Trükkimine hõbepaberilt
Entertainment Tour
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For young people

Graphic Art: Tinfoil Print

The entertainment programme Graphic Art: Tinfoil Print combines a tour of the exhibition Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes and a workshop in the Kumu art studio. The programme can be enjoyed by groups of friends or colleagues or as part of birthday celebrations.
First the programme manager will take the group to see the exhibition of the creative legacy of ten Estonian women, graphic artists. The exhibition reveals the hybridity of their creativity: by synthesising artificial and natural elements and effortlessly engaging various phenomena, materials, stories, bodies, myths and spaces in dialogues, they have created new combinations of coexistence. Hybridity is in this case understood as the open, empathic, flexible and attentive relationship created between pictorial elements, which simultaneously highlights the complexity of different phenomena.
Hybridity will also be present in the workshop that follows, where it is possible to make graphic art out of seemingly unexpected components: images will be printed on paper from tinfoil, emulating lithography. Lithography, or stone print, is done by using a large stone plate and graphic artists transfer the image to paper by using complex techniques. This workshop requires simple household materials: tinfoil, chalk, vinegar or cola, paper and oil paint. The participants can try out printing techniques with these handy everyday materials and create unique works of art.
Experiment with graphic art!
The workshop does not require previous experience in art or handicrafts and is suitable for anyone over the age of 13.
The pre-booked two-hour programme is available in Estonian, English or Russian.
Price for children (up to 12yo) 18 € / per person
Price for teens and adults 20 € / per person
A minimum fee of 180€ / 200€ applies based on a group of 10 people (or less).
Prices apply to groups of up to 20 people; for larger groups an agreement can be arranged.