Decorative landscape 16/11/2022 | 17:30

Kumu Art Museum
Peet Aren. Tarvastu maastik. 1922. Eesti Kunstimuuseum
Art course or workshop

Decorative landscape

16.11 and 23.11, 17:30‒19:30
Instructor: Elizaveta Salupuu
The course is in Russian!

Decorative painting is one of the most vivid approaches used in visual arts. This means that the items are stylised and realistic imagery is minimised. The participants will not be limited in their use of artistic materials or methods of mixing them. During the creation of decorative landscapes, the participants will alter the proportions of the objects, deform perspective, apply daring colour harmonies and play with contours. A special emphasis will be placed on flattening, colouring and stylising space, deforming objects, and the use of contrasting colours. The exhibitions of Kumu will be visited at the beginning of the course to find inspiration in expressive landscape paintings.