Between the Archive and Architecture. Neeme Külm, Krista Mölder and Taavi Talve 17/09/2016 – 19/02/2017

Kumu Art Museum
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Taavi Talve. PIMETÄHN. 2016. Videoinstallatsioon. Videole üle kantud 16 mm film (mustvalge, heli). Kestus: 12’ 40’’. Kunstniku loal

Between the Archive and Architecture. Neeme Külm, Krista Mölder and Taavi Talve

Location: 5th floor, Gallery of Contemporary Art

“Space is doubt: I have constantly to mark it, to designate it.”

(G. Perec)


Between the Archive and Architecture is a display of works by Neeme Külm, Krista Mölder and Taavi Talve. All three artists focus on space, on the various ways of experiencing it and the possibilities of approaching it. In this context, space can be a particular architectural environment or an unfathomable “non-place” which usually remains outside the focal point of attention. Space can unravel for the viewer along the time axis, or it can stretch out geographically; it may be fiction or reality. The reference to archives and architecture reflects the actual venue of the display: the Kumu Art Museum with its institutional profile, functioning mechanisms and spatial logic.

Neeme Külm, Krista Mölder and Taavi Talve work mainly in Tallinn, and they all use different media in their art.

Neeme Külm (1974) is an installation artist whose art is characterised by site-specific works that manipulate space. His works displayed at this exhibition have been inspired by the actual spatial environment: using the opportunities and the restrictions offered by the building, Külm has come up with a new logic of moving about in the exhibition hall and a method of communicating with that environment.

Krista Mölder (1972) is an artist whose main tool is the camera. Her highly sensitive and detailed approach brings out the cognitive and poetic qualities of the environments she captures. Her display includes new works shot at Kumu as well as a remake of a selection of older works.

Taavi Talve (1970) has been active in the media-critical art group Johnson ja Johnson, and has made use of archival and referential source material in his solo works before. The film and the accompanying installation made for the current exhibition are based on material that Talve discovered while carrying out a research. By creating a film that combines the fictitious with the factual, Talve tells the story of a dancer of Estonian descent who was part of the New York art scene, and at the same time refers to a broader cultural context and cultural space.

Curator: Kati Ilves
Exhibition designer: Neeme Külm
Graphic designers: Mikk Heinsoo & Kaarel Nõmmik (Stuudio Stuudio)

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