Accessibility for the Disabled

The museum is fully accessible by wheelchair.

It is possible to enter the museum’s courtyard with a handicapped visitor bus, but we ask you to inform our security (+372 56915006 or +372 602 6025) about it in advance. The entrance to the courtyard is through the car tunnel from Laagna Road.

Parking for the handicapped is situated on Mäekalda Street. Please use the inclined plane to enter the museum from there.

It is also possible to enter the museum from Valge Street by using the elevator near the Valge Street entrance, which will take you to the end of the pedestrian tunnel. You can use the inclined plane to reach the main entrance from the end of the pedestrian tunnel.

Wheelchairs are available for loan from the information desk located on the second floor.

A tactile floor plan for the third floor is available from the cashier.

Guide dogs are welcome in the museum. To make your visit pleasant, please inform our staff about your visit in advance (tel +372 602 6000).

The wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are on the first and second floor beside the cloakroom, and on the fifth floor, near the elevator.

The museum cashier and exhibition halls do not have loopsets.

To book a tour for special needs visitors, please send an e-mail to or call + 372 5343 9230.