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U.S. Embassy in Estonia presents: The Gold Rush

U.S. Embassy in Estonia presents: The Gold Rush

Time: 23.01.18  18:00–19:15
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: Free of charge

U.S. Embassy in Estonia presents: Telling the American Story: American Comedy

The Gold Rush
Director: Charlie Chaplin
USA 1925, 72 min
In English, with English subtitles

Charles Chaplin made “The Gold Rush” out of the most unlikely source for comedy, the 1896 Klondike gold rush, sending his familiar tramp figure to become a gold prospector, joining the mass of brave optimists to face the hazards of cold, starvation, solitude and the occasional incursion of a grizzly bear. The film abounds with now-classic comedy scenes: feasting on a boot, the dance of bread-rolls on forks, and many more. “The Gold Rush” was a huge box office success and has been repeatedly nominated by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 best American films.