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Ugala Theatre: The State of the Stars

Ugala Theatre: The State of the Stars

Time: 21.03.19  19:00–20:30
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 19 € / 15 €

Nick Payne „Tähtede seis“
Tõlkija Laura Kalle
Lavastaja Ringo Ramul
Kunstnik Annika Lindemann
Helilooja Rasmus Puur
Valguskujundaja Mari-Riin Paavo
Osades Kadri Lepp ja Janek Vadi

An unusual love story whisks us through time and space, and tells us about the choices faced by two people, and about fate, bees and the multiverse.

“The State of the Stars” is the story of Marianne and Roland, and provides viewers with a glimpse of possible versions of two people’s lives, all of which depend on the choices they have made: life-changing decisions. When making decisions, how often are we aware that the rest of our lives depend on them? What would our lives have been like if we had attended that barbecue we were invited to years ago?

Tickets from Piletimaailm and Piletilevi