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Ugala teater. Emadepäev

Ugala teater. Emadepäev

Time: 16.10.17  19:00–21:30
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 18/15 €

Liis Aedmaa
Annika Lindemann
Peeter Konovalov
Jaana Kena, Kadri Lepp, Triinu Meriste ja Terje Pennie

Duration: 180 min

Mother’s Day, an unpredictable performance that sometimes make you laugh and sometimes makes you crazy, is full of squabbling, joy, weeping, love, extremely early mornings and frightfully late nights. Toys are lying around everywhere, and there are bewildering children’s songs, unsuccessful birthday cakes, and endless music school recitals.

Tickets: 18/15 €