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Ryoji Ikeda’s concert “supercodex”

Ryoji Ikeda’s concert “supercodex”

Time: 12.02.16  20:00–21:00
Price: Sold out

Duration 45 min

As part of the „Ryoji Ikeda. supersymmetry“ exhibition, the artist will perform a “supercodex” concert. Ikeda’s (b. 1966) complicated and enthralling performances and installations combine sound with the visual, various materials, physical phenomena and mathematical concepts. Ikeda is under Raster-Noton label, which also represents other important artists in electronic music.

In „supercodex“ Ikeda reworks musical concepts from his 2013 „superposition“ piece into an immersive club show. What at first sounds like a battle of digital noise, blips and bass drones, gradually engages the listener with elements of techno and dance music, using raw data and mathematical models to generate music and projections. Live, the stark visuals add textures of percussion, as it becomes difficult to distinguish between the senses.

Tickets from Piletilevi.

The exhibition “Ryoji Ikeda. supersymmetry” is open til 10pm on Friday, 12 February and is free of charge with the concert ticket.
No photo/video/mobile phone during the concert.

 NB! Use of strobe effects on video and high sound level.

supercodex [live set], 2013; © Ryoji Ikeda; photo by Ryo Mitamura
concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
computer graphics, programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama

Additional information:
Kati Ilves
Exhibition Coordinator
Tel +372 602 6099; +372 5697 9909