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Physical Theatre Performance: Sauna

Physical Theatre Performance: Sauna

Time: 15.11.18  19:00–20:15
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 17 / 12 €

Physical Theatre Performance

I connect every day. I leave my body behind to be reborn into my carefully compiled data body: photos from a surfing vacation in Puerto Rico, witty comments on media, more-liberal-than-average thoughts on politics: hooray for minorities and stop eating animals. Like, comment, like.

Sometimes I get a feeling that my sense of reality is changing. My spirit is free but the body I leave behind has been subdued. When was the last time I actually touched someone? It’s as if there was a layer of plastic between me and others: transparent, and yet not transparent. It is easier to see inside than outside and sometimes it does not really matter who is on the other side as long as there is someone. Sometimes it gets so hot under the plastic that I nearly run out of air. It’s like a continuously heated sauna in which you just sit, cover your ears and wait for it to be over, because cleansing is supposed to follow the sweating. Isn’t that so?

Barbara Lehtna’s performance “Sauna” is a choreography of precise thoughts, full of the dedication, presence and rapid physical reaction of the performers. “Sauna” combines movement, sound and visuals into a narrative which deals with the views of the thinking man on modern vulnerability and the sense of living in the flux of the digital revolution.