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Modern dance performance “Nasty”

Modern dance performance “Nasty”

Time: 24.11.18  18:00–19:00
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 13 / 8 €

Susanna Leinonen Company
Modern dance performance “Nasty”

The modern dance group Susanna Leinonen Company is in Estonia for the first time!

The Susanna Leinonen Company, founded in 2001, is one of the most successful Finnish modern dance groups, both at home and abroad. Their work is known primarily for its magnificent and well-honed visual quality and choreographer Susanna Leinonen’s detailed and exacting dance movements. Susanna Leinonen started her career as a dancer in the Estonian National Ballet and now brings her elite troupe to Tallinn for the first time for the premiere of “Nasty” in September.

“Nasty” is a captivating modern piece about expectations, attacks and limits related to our bodies. Leinonen and her dancers examine what it is like to be an object of others’ observation; attention is drawn to the centre, to dancers and their bodies as tools of creative work. The bodies in peak physical conditions are shown in the performance as machinery of external and internal expectations, with fluid borders and “stretching skin” that helps to realise full potential. The question is: “who or what defines potential?”

The choreography is set to Arvo Pärt’s sensitive and expressive music, which both resonates with a hard-headed look at the world and contrasts with it.

“A Susanna Leinonen premiere is always a noteworthy event.” (Helsingin Sanomat)

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