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Let’s play?! Computer Games from France and Germany

Let’s play?! Computer Games from France and Germany

Time: 05.04.13–30.06.13  11:00–18:00
Location: Kumu exhibition spaces

“Playing is as essential to human life as relaxing.” Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274)

Computer games have existed since the dawn of the computer age. No other use of computers has contributed as much to the dissemination of digital technologies. The message of this new medium is interaction: everyday participation and design options, already implemented in global, interactively organized networks. In just a few years, the digital game has radically changed the nature of social communication – just as the publication of books and the invention of motion picture technologies did. Long dismissed as mere amusement for kids, computer games are now coming into focus as the first popularly recognized “digital-born artefacts.”

This exhibition displays a selection of current game productions from Germany and France, representing some of Europe’s biggest markets and production sites for digital, interactive entertainment. It invites the visitor to take a playful stroll through the diverse landscape of digital games: a landscape that blurs the traditional boundaries between entertainment, learning and art.

An exhibition of the Goethe Institute in Estonia and the French Institute in Estonia, marking the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty between Germany and France.

In cooperation with the Kumu Art Museum, the Computerspielemuseum Berlin and Plaine Images Lille.

Andreas Lange (Computerspielemuseum Berlin) ja Blandine Lebourg (Plaine Images)

Supported by:
Fonds Élysée, Wooga, Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur, Deep Silver, ENTER-BRAIN-MENT,

– Dofus (2004), Ankama (FR), Ankama (FR)
– And The Rhino Says (2011-2012), One Life Remains (FR), One Life Remains (FR)
– Kirooki (2013), Old Skull Games (FR), Old Skull Games (FR)
– Hexarush (2013), Tsatsiki Games (FR), Tsatsiki Games (FR)
– Puddle (2012), Neko Entertainment (FR), Neko Entertainment (FR)
– Mr Travel (2012), LayerCake/ Pôle Images NPdC (FR), LayerCake/ 3DDUO (FR),
– AR Defender 2 (2012), Bulkypix (FR), int13 (FR)
– Pix’n Love Rush (2011), Bulkypix (FR), Pastagames (FR),
– Cyberbike 2 (2011), Bigben Interactive (FR)/ Eko Software (FR)
– Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno (2013), Sega (EU-US), Polm Studio (FR)
– Fantaisie RA/ Imaginarium (2009), Lille Metropole and Institut Français (FR), Pierre Giner and Idées-3com (FR)
– Somersault (2008), Enter-Brain-Ment (GER), Enter-Brain-Ment (GER)
– Fussball Manager 13 (2012), Electronic Arts (USA), Bright Future (GER)
– The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic (2011), kunst-stoff (GER), kunst-stoff (GER)
– egging (2010), Synapsemassage (GER), Synapsemassage (GER)
– Diamond Dash Mobile (2011), Wooga (GER), Wooga (GER)
– Risen 2:Dark Waters (2012), Deep Silver (GER), Piranha Bytes (GER)
– Summer Stars 2012 (2012), Deep Silver (GER), 49Games (GER)
– Anno 2070 (2011), Ubisoft (FR), Related Designs/ Blue Byte (GER)
– Das Geheimnis der Himmelsscheibe (2012), Goethe Institut (GER), Reality Twist (GER)
– Spirits (2010), Spaces of Play (GER), Spaces of Play (GER)
– Trauma (2011), Krystian Majewski (GER)/ Headup Games (GER), Krystian Majewski (GER)