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Kumu Documentary: XXXII Pärnu Film Festival films

Kumu Documentary: XXXII Pärnu Film Festival films

Time: 23.01.19  18:00–19:15
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: Free of charge

XXXII Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival

Far From Amazonia
Dir Francisco Carvalho
Portugal 2017, 18 min
In Portuguese, with English subtitles

In 1783, the naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira travelled to Amazonia. Centuries later, all that remains of his philosophical journey are artefacts belonging to the tribes he studied and the animals and plants he brought back to Portugal, evoking a distant Amazonia and an expedition that went on for nine years.

XXXII Pärnu Film Festival, best short documentary

The Rebel Surgeon
Dir Erik Gandini
Sweden 2017, 52 min
In English and Swedish with English and Estonian subtitles

After serving for 30 years in a Swedish hospital Dr. Erichsen was fed up with all of the bureaucracy and administration. He decided to move some place where he could make a difference and do what he loved the most, work as a surgeon. In Ethiopia, where there are only three doctors for every 100,000 inhabitants, Dr. Erichsen and his wife Sennait worked at a small field hospital in Aira. Resources were extremely limited so he was forced to operate using what was at hand, such as a cheap power drill from the local supermarket, hose clamps, bikes, spokes and fishing line instead of suture thread.
XXXII Pärnu Film Festival, Estonian People’s Award

Film contains images of medical procedures that may be disturbing.