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Goltsman Ballett. Chagall: Alone/Together

Goltsman Ballett. Chagall: Alone/Together

Time: 08.12.17  19:00–20:00
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 10/12/15 €

Duration: 60 min

here lives a woman, she is lonely, she is looking for happiness …
there lives a man, he is charismatic, joyful …
there’s a painting on the wall … a man and a woman … a clock … a blue wing …
a painting as a window, as a door to new meetings
they will not meet here and now, but they have another dimension, a parallel life….

The two main characters live in different eras and only meet in a fantasy world. Is it a dream, a painting or some other parallel world. A door to their meeting is a painting by Marc Chagall, hanging at the female character’s home.

Tickets: 10/12/15 €