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Glass melting course: Shards bring good luck!

Glass melting course: Shards bring good luck!

Time: 07.11.18  17:30–19:30
Location: Kumu education centre
Price: 36 €

The world of coloured glass is variegated and full of opportunities. By melting various pieces of brightly coloured glass together, picturesque surfaces and compositions develop. Inspiration is provided by the exhibition of Konrad Mägi’s landscape paintings at the Kumu Museum.

The course will be conducted in collaboration with Kunstipada (Klaasissepa OÜ), Estonia’s oldest and largest seller of coloured glass and glass tools. 

Course schedule:

First meeting (31 October):
We will visit the Konrad Mägi exhibition, and become acquainted with the possibilities and basic principles related to coloured glass. We will learn how to cut glass and will design our first art works, which will be finished in the OÜ glass furnace.

Second meeting (7 November):
Together we will examine the glass art works created during the first meeting. We will discuss various issues and problems that have arisen and, if necessary, will make corrections and design second works.

The participants will receive their completed works starting on 14 November.

Information and registration:

Konrad Mägi. Lake Pühajärv. 1918–1921. Art Museum of Estonia