Entertainment tour “Fantasy” On permanent exhibition

Kumu Art Museum
Group price from
A minimum fee of 180 € / 200 € for a group of 10 participants (or less). Price for children (up to 12yo) 18 € / per person. Price for teens and adults 20 € / per person
Prices apply to groups of up to 20 participants; for larger groups an agreement can be arranged.
Entertainment Tour

Entertainment tour “Fantasy”

Construct an event combining an exhibition tour &workshop of Your own choosing. Excellent choice for a birthday, company event or other special event celebration!

A tour of an exhibition:

  • during the tour, we can look at the classics of Estonian art or any of Kumu’s temporary exhibitions. We can offer different approaches for the visit, from traditional tours to more playful visits. Please let us know your preference when booking.

Duration: 1–1.5 h.

Choice of workshops:

  • Ceramics workshop – under the guidance of a professional instructor, Jarõna Ilo, the master of the Kumu ceramics studio, an artist and a ceramist, you can make something usable (a mug, vase, bowl, platter etc.) or model small figurines; for decorating, you can try stamps or glazing (glazing will be done by the Kumu ceramics master and the items will be ready in two weeks). The whole group can also join in a common project.
  • Printmaking workshop – under the guidance of a professional printmaker, you can try printing with various materials, such as lace or string, which leave interesting marks on surfaces. If you wish, you can also experiment with drypoint or linocut. Each participant can design and complete a print from beginning to end, including printing on a printing press.
  • Pin/brooch workshop – this workshop has two options: you can either make a base of your own design from self-hardening clay, onto which you can “print” an image (a detail from a drawing, photo etc.), or you can use the pin machine, which makes pins and key chains out of your chosen image or drawing. Images to be put on the pin can be made in various techniques, such as acrylic paint, watercolour, textile printing or stamps, or you can choose from ready-made motifs.
  • Subconscious drawing – this workshop is meant for the development of your creativity, for achieving internal balance and for developing relationships within groups. Everybody is capable of expressing his or her fantastic and unique world of imagery through drawing. The images seemingly come from nowhere. Once you’ve found the right state of mind, drawing helps you release unconscious desires, unacknowledged knowledge, obsessions and fantasies. Tension requires a playful format for therapeutic release, but playing is something that grown-ups often deny themselves.
    This creative method is both therapeutic and a lot of fun.
  • Painting workshop – painting under an experienced instructor is a wonderful opportunity for a beginner to take the first steps in art. During the class, we will discuss colours, composition, texture, light and shadow. No limits and a creative atmosphere are the keywords of the painting studio.

Your birthday can be catered by the Kumu Cafe. For additional information on catering and ordering tables, contact  or visit www.revalcafe.ee/catering