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Conductors of Colour. Music, Modesty and Modernity

Conductors of Colour. Music, Modesty and Modernity

Time: 18.03.17  16:00–17:30
Location: Kumu näitusesaalid
Price: Participation with museum ticket

A series of thematic and musical events tied to the exhibition Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art

In March, Kumu will launch a series of six events on its third floor in connection with the exhibition Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art; each month we focus on one of the topics covered at the exhibition. From March to August we will hold an event on one Saturday each month, at which experts will talk about a certain topic and musicians will delight visitors with their performances, as befits an exhibition about music.

At the opening event of the series, Conductors of Colour I. Music, Modesty and Modernity, we will talk with Õie Sarv, the great-grandchild of the legendary Setu folk singer Anne Vabarna. Õie will be performing Setu folk songs with her daughter. Anne Vabarna (1877–1964) was a Setu folk singer, has been called the Mother of Singing, and is the author of the runic folk epic Peko. Her great-grandmother’s folk singing tradition successfully lives on in the work of Õie Sarv (who sings and teaches about folklore, as well as instructing people about the making and playing of the Estonian zither in schools and camps) and Jalmar Vabarna (known to the public from the bands Trad.Attack!, Curly Strings, Zetod and Vallatud Vestid).

During the event, the Finnish artist Juha van Ingen will be presenting the Art Museum of Estonia with a work of media art, AS Long As Possible (ASLAP). The piece is a digital animated file programmed to run for the next 1,000 years. To ensure such longevity, time capsules containing the code necessary for the generation of the file will be kept in various geographic locations, including the Art Museum of Estonia. The animation has been created in collaboration with developer and sound artist Janne Särkelä. At the event, the artist will close the time capsule and give it to the collection of the Art Museum of Estonia. Additional information on the work of art is available at

The installation version of the piece will be kept at the Finnish National Gallery and can be viewed as of 31 March at the exhibition ARS17 in Kiasma.

Please note that the event will be held in Estonian

Programme of the series “Conductors of Colour”

18 March – Music, Modesty and Modernity

22 April – Singing Landscapes

27 May – Sounds of Silence

17 June – Ancient Sounds

15 July – Music and Melancholy

26 August – Dissonance in the Jazz Age


August Pulst. Anne Vabarna. 1934. Estonian Theatre and Music Museum