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Christmas Jazz 2019: Maria Faust “Machina”

Christmas Jazz 2019: Maria Faust “Machina”

Time: 06.12.19  19:00–20:15
Location: Kumu auditorium

Maria Faust „Machina“ (Eesti-Taani-USA)

Duration: 1 h 15 min

While creating the music for the album Machina, Maria Faust found her inspiration in water as the symbol of life, the mysterious underwater worlds of the sea and ocean, and various moods, from the peacefully rolling sea to the fury of the storm. In her music, the listener can discover the sounds of ships, boat engines and life on the sea: having been born on the island of Saaremaa, Maria grew up with the sea. Her music is introspective and chamber-like, played by two double basses, a cello, saxophones and a piano: a combination that gives her songs a unique sound. Maria Faust has earned several notable jazz awards in Denmark and Estonia. In 2019, she received the Estonian Jazz Composer award at the Estonian Jazz Awards ceremony. The first performance of Maria Faust’s Machina at Jazzfest Berlin was received with great enthusiasm. The Estonian premiere of the album at this year’s Christmas Jazz promises to be a memorable event.