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Alice in Wonderland. A Ballet Fantasy

Alice in Wonderland. A Ballet Fantasy

Time: 13.03.20  13:00–14:00
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: Tickets from €14 to €45

Goltsman Ballett presents

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland presents a colourful fantasy world, where reality and mystery are intertwined; it is a wordplay and dreamy world of strange actions and characters.

One summer day, a marvellous White Rabbit wearing a vest and top hat sees a girl under a blossoming tree who is slowly falling asleep as she reads a book…
The White Rabbit talks to himself…
The White Rabbit is hurrying…. he mustn’t be late…
Following the White Rabbit, the girl, whose name is Alice, ends up in a wondrous world, where the creatures seem to be alive, but maybe not. It is a place where words get all mixed up, and where you can’t figure out if you are large or small, if you are moving left or right. It’s a place where time moves. Or maybe, you can move time yourself… And you don’t know whether you understand anything at all…

The performance gives the audience the opportunity to dive into a fantasy world, to search for a million meanings for each action, while the true explanation remains a secret. Children are the masters of fantasy. They don’t need a guide to explain things to them. Children know how to find a thousand explanations for an action and all of them are right, because none of us see the world as they do. The world is special for everyone, and just like he or she wants to see it.

The performance is meant for children aged four and older, for families with children, for art, music and dance lovers, and for everyone who likes to seek adventure in a fairy-tale world, a world with fantastic characters, where mystical sounds are heard, and objects change shape. Our creative goal is to create a dreamlike dance performance based on Lewis Carroll’s book.

Tickets from €14 to €45 at

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