Shiftscale – Sculpture at the Extended Field

Kumu Art Museum, Great Hall & The Gallery (5th floor)



Shitfscale aims to take a critical but a constructive look at contemporary sculpture, and to redefine the traditional concept of a sculptural monument as something static and permanent, by offering creative and innovative ways of thinking about production of three-dimensional art. It offers all of us – artists, curators and most of all viewers – means to think about who you are, where you are, and with whom you are. It is, in short, about being in the world.


The exhibition is a collective enterprise of Mika Hannula, Hanno Soans, Villu Jaanisoo and Anna Mustonen.


In connection with the exhibition a catalogue, a booklet and an anthology of theoretical texts will be published, and also a panel discussion moderated by Mika Hannula will take place during the opening months.