Room Rental

We can provide rooms for organising meetings, seminars, dinners, receptions, conferences and cultural events.

Small Meeting Room
A small meeting room is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kumu Information Desk on the second floor, and it is suitable for meetings and seminars. The room normally accommodates 14 people, sitting around a table; additional chairs are available. There is an Internet connection in the room. A laptop computer and video projector can be rented for an additional fee.

The Kumu Atrium, a spacious and multifunctional space, can be used for receptions, company events, presentations and concerts when the museum is closed. The atrium can accompany 500 visitors standing up and about 280 people seated for dinner.

Inner Courtyard with Atrium
The inner courtyard, with its terrace, stairs and ramps, is an ideal location for organising concerts and other large-scale events.

Utilisation of the Courtyard or its parts for private events.

Large Hall
Kumu’s large hall is usually occupied by rotating exhibitions. However, in the interim periods (usually three times a year), we offer the exclusive opportunity to use the 870-square-metre hall for events, including receptions, conferences and formal awards ceremonies.

Education Centre Auditorium
The small auditorium located in the Education Centre, on Kumu’s 2nd floor, is ideal for conducting meetings, lectures and seminars. The auditorium accommodates 25 people. The complex of rooms includes a separate restroom. The price includes seating for 25 people, and equipment (computer, data projector, screen and flip chart).

Kumu Auditorium
This multifunctional auditorium, which seats 245, is suitable for organising art events, concerts, dance and theatre performances, film evenings and high-quality scientific and business conferences.

For more information, we direct you to the page for the Kumu auditorium:

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Conference Organiser