Quobo. Art in Berlin 1989-1999

Kumu Art Museum



Gabriele Knapstein and Ingrid Buschmann, authors of the concept of the exhibition, represent a ground-breaking decade in German art, where, triggered by the fall of the Berlin wall and the synergies born overnight, perky and distinct art life was born. The art of painting, prevailing in West-Berlin until then, was replaced with conceptual activities, space-specific objects and performances by the new generation, enriched with the art and music life that had stayed in opposition in East-Berlin until then. The undeveloped plots, ruins and decaying buildings in the heart of Berlin became the most important art locales of the period. In the 1990’s, the city of Berlin gained importance and popularity together with the development of the new artistic landscape, becoming a home for numerous new galleries established in freshly renovated dwelling houses and industrial buildings. The exhibitions held in Berlin at that time focused on the newest developments in the field of art, architecture, film-making, fashion, design and clubbing. Tight connections developed with club-life, which atmosphere and music trends left its imprint on visual arts.


The selection of works emphasizes certain aspects of art in Berlin in 1989-1999. The selection is characterized by focus on space and situation and discussions on the context of art. One part of the exhibition is “Archive in Network”, providing information on the innovative projects of the 1980’s, introducing, among other things, the work of an art group “Büro-Berlin” and the wide spectre of independent projects born in Berlin in the 1990’s. Additionally, the most important art-related institutions, the art of painting, photography etc. have been studied. For more information on the subjects, see: http://www.quobo.de/


Altogether 15 artists display their work at the exhibition, of whom Karsten Konrad performed also at the opening exhibition of Kumu “Shiftscale”. The other artists include: Fritz Balthaus, Annette Begerow, Monica Bonvicini, Maria Eichhorn, Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani, Adib Fricke, Ulrike Grossarth, Inges Idee, Laura Kikauka, Karsten Konrad, Carsten Nicolai, Albrecht Schäfer, Eran Schaerf, (e.) Twin Gabriel.


Curators: Gabriele Knapstein, Ingrid Buschmann

The exhibition is supported by Deutches Kulturinstitut (ifa) and Deutches Kulturinstitut Tallinn / Goethe-Institut.