Printmaking courses

The courses in Autumn/Winter 2019 in Kumu Art Studios

The courses are suitable for anyone interested in graphic art who is at least 14 years of age.
The participation fee can be paid in advance with an invoice, or in cash or by bank card at the Kumu ticket counter before the start of the course. 

Sensitive Photopolymer Prints
Takes place on 24.09, 01.10 and 08.10
From 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
In the three-part printmaking course, the participants can try out the photopolymer technique. In the course, we will work with photos or drawings, prepare photopolymer plates and print the images onto paper in a printmaking press. In the first lesson we will draw images or resize photos to suitable dimensions. The participants may bring along digital photos or postcards (on phones or USB sticks).
The instructor, Lauri Koppel, is a visual artist residing in Tallinn who works as a master in the offset printing workshop Ubu Noir.
The course is held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.
Price: €54

Playful Printmaking: Styrofoam Corrosion
Takes place on 16.10 and 23.10
From 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
In this two-part printmaking course, we will try out an interesting letterpress printing technique in which the printing surface is made by etching a styrofoam plate with glue. Using the glue leaves the corroded edges smoothly finished (unlike with punctured patterns) and it is possible to experiment with the depth and texture of shapes.
The course is held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.
Instructor: Sandra Lääne-Velt
Price: €36

Stencil Art: Bold Narratives
Takes place on 12.11, 19.11 and 26.11
From 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
In stencilling, the image is “printed” onto a surface with spray paints and stencils. This method is used to transmit sharp, visually contrastive and daringly critical messages. The participants will create their own concepts and work through all the preparatory steps before printing. The results of the workshop are works of art with personal messages. The course is inspired by the bold visual aspect of the exhibition Edith Karlson, Mary Reid Kelley and Eva Mustonen, and by the way art can be used to tell stories.
The instructor, Britta Benno, is an artist and printmaker living and working in Tallinn. Currently, she is studying for her PhD at the Estonian Academy of Arts and exploring the trends in Estonian contemporary graphic art through her own practices.
The course is held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.
Price: €54

Additional information and registration:
Tel +372 5199 7615