Light garden. Esa Laurema

Kumu Art Museum


Esa Laurema (b. 1950) displayed his first installations and kinetic objects in 1969, first at Finnish youth exhibitions, next at national exhibitions in Helsinki, Tampere, Turu etc. Simultaneously, he experimented with light-effects that became important elements of his kinetic objects. His first personal exhibition was held in Espoo in 1974 and, as a gesture of fate, he belonged to the team who prepared the inauguration ceremony of Espoo’s new museum EMMA. Laurema has repeatedly performed abroad, incl. the USA and Canada, his first overseas personal exhibition was held in 1986.


In 2006, he submitted two very impressive sculptures basing on movement and light to the exhibition “Places of Arrival and Departure” (Helsinki), which is why Laurema was invited to Kumu. He has designed a large light object especially for the museum lobby.

Esa Laurema is a successful combination of a great artist and a crafty engineer. His larger and smaller objects share the same rhythm with the rooms they’re in, creating endless kinetic light patterns. His works are mysterious and powerful, but also creative, cheerful and fun to look at. People like being in the same room with his objects.


Esa Laurema’s light installation is open at Kumu until February 3, 2008.