Programmes with pre-booking

In connection with the exhibition The Moveable Feast. Art Deco Fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Collection, the Kumu Art Museum is offering a diverse experience programme for both young people and adults, from which you can choose something just right for your circle of friends!

The Art Deco Era, Fashions and People experience tour (60–90 min)
The items on exhibit in The Moveable Feast. Art Deco Fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Collection are elegant, flawless, opulent and dignified. The experience tour of the exhibition takes the participants back to a strangely beautiful bygone world. For a relatively short period following World War I, people exhausted by the hardships of war longed for beauty, harmony and luxury. A new kind of art and lifestyle was born, which became known under the general name Art Deco. It influenced fashion, the fine arts, interior design, architecture and other spheres of life. During the experience tour, stylish outfits that are almost a hundred years old will be viewed and the participants will hear stories about bygone times and people, complicated fates and, of course, art. The items on display come from the collections of Alexandre Vassiliev, a well-known fashion historian, interior designer and tireless promoter of fashion.

EHE art déco – Accessory-making workshop (60–90 min)
The participants, having been inspired by the exhibition, will create personal accessories (broaches, pendants, headbands, bracelets etc.) for themselves or as gifts for others. Based on the chosen samples, various materials will be used: a self-hardening mass, paper with a selection of printed motifs from the exhibition, textiles, sequins, feathers, glues-varnishes etc. The results will be totally contemporary ornaments in the Art Deco style.

1920s theme party (60–120 min)
Supervised by the make-up and photo artist Merlis Lätti.
Based on the exhibition, the participants will have gotten an idea of the styles of the period, and during the following studio hour will get into the spirit of the era. The make-up and photo artist will introduce and demonstrate make-up typical of the period and instruct the participants in role-playing games. This will be followed by a photo session, where those who wish can have themselves photographed in Art Deco-style interiors, with the appropriate make-up, hairstyles and various accessories in order to create a fantasy of this luxurious era.