Guided Tours


Come to Kumu to look, listen, think and experiment! Suitable tours can be arranged for tourist groups, groups of work colleagues or friends, as well as families!

Here are examples of tours that take either 60 or 90 minutes:

What is Kumu?
This tour, which introduces the architecture, history and museum functions of the Kumu Art Museum, helps you find an answer to the question, “What is Kumu?” We will tell you how Kumu was born and look at it from the inside and out. We will help you find your way around and suggest things of interest for you to look at. We will tell you about the events going on at Kumu besides the exhibitions, as well as taking a look at Kumu’s permanent exhibition and new exhibitions, and say, “Hope to see you again!”

Kumu Hits
The tour focuses on the selected works that every visitor to Kumu should see. We all know Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, which every visitor to the Louvre must see. But what are the hits at the Kumu Art Museum? Come and find them with the help of a guide! The tour will cover the permanent exhibition of Estonian art and focus on the best-known and most popular works in the museum’s collection.

The History of Estonian Art
The tour provides a survey of the history of Estonian art from the 18th century to 1991, based on Kumu’s permanent exhibition. The exhibition on the third floor, Treasury, introduces the classics of Estonian art. The exhibition on the fourth floor, Conflicts and Adaptations, provides a survey of Estonian art from the end of World War II to 1991. The permanent exhibition on these two floors provides an excellent idea of the art created in Estonia during three centuries by the best-known Estonian artists.

Moving through time with a guide, thematic stops are made inspired by the social background, mentality and art movements of the various eras. The exhibitions are based on the changes that have occurred in the relationship between art and society: at times this relationship has been intensive and painful, while becoming more peaceful. At other times, art has aspired to elevate its surroundings, or to make contact with it.

Guided tours on new exhibitions
It is also possible to order tours of all the temporary exhibitions of Estonian or international art at Kumu, which are usually on display in addition to the permanent exposition of Estonian art. Some popular exhibitions may be open for only a few months. In order to make sure that you do not miss anything that is important and special, you can order a tour that focuses on a single Kumu exhibition, and provides an opportunity to get a quick survey, or delve deeper into an era or the work of an important artist that is being examined by the exhibition.