Landscapes by Joan Miró

Kumu Art Museum


The exposition of internationally recognized 20th century Spanish artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) in Kumu is exceptional for a number of reasons. It is the first time for Kumu to host such a name, but the fact also demonstrates our potential to bring the pearls of European art history to Estonia. 57 works are displayed, including graphic art, sculptures and 8 photos. All exhibits come from the Pilar I Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca.


Miró was born in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. He did not have to go far to learn the hottest art trends – Barcelona was a sophisticated city with intense cultural life at the beginning of the century. Miró’s first visit to Paris, the Mecca of arts, happened only in his thirties.


Joan Miró is known primarily as a surrealist. He met a group of surrealists and hold several exhibitions with them in Paris. But quiet Miró preferred surrealistic literature to the extravagant shows of surrealist painters. He pored over surrealistic books in Paris and found great inspiration from them. Only after that a radical turn occurred in his style. Miró made a sharp transition from geometrical and simplifying forms to the depiction of fantastic forms. His methods also changed. Following the example of surrealists, he adapted automatism and randomness.


The topic of Kumu’s exhibition is “Landscapes”. Landscape is the subject matter returned to by Miró over and over again. This is the obvious influence of landscapist Modest Urgell, who taught young Miró and to whom many of Miró’s works are addressed. The majority of works displayed here belong to his latest and more mature period, when he had settled down in Mallorca (in 1956 until death) and focused on landscape painting. The artist has used his experience with surrealism and his later meditative methods.


The works were selected by the Director of the Miró Foundation, Magdalena Aguiló Victory and the President of the Foundation Rogelio Araújo. From Kumu’s side, the exhibition is curated by Ragne Nukk. The display was designed by Andres Tolts.

The exhibition is possible thanks to the Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró a Mallorca and the sponsor of Art Museum of Estonia – Hansapank.


The exhibition is also supported by: The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, AS Merko Ehitus, Topauto AS and Seat, Eesti Gaas AS, Dunkri Kaubanduse AS, Calidabaltic Estonia OÜ, KLG Eesti AS.

From December, a selection of books on Miró’s biography and works are available at Kumu’s shop. The books were brought to Estonia with the help of the bookstores Apollo and Rahva Raamat.