Kumu Youth Club

Kumu noorteklubi

Kumu Youth Club

For a while now, the Kumu Art Museum has operated in direct dialogue with youngsters. This was the reason for the creation, in the spring of 2015, of the Kumu Youth Club, the members of which plan events both for their peers and for the general public. We wish to offer a new approach to the exhibitions in the museum’s programme, exciting workshops, and an educational and fun way to spend leisure time, thus turning the museum into an enjoyable environment for youngsters. From youth for youth!

The members of the club come from all sorts of backgrounds: students from art schools, music lovers, computer nerds, surfers, fashion fanatics and others. They are all united in their interest in the many aspects of contemporary culture. In addition to satisfying their curiosity, the members constantly test their teamwork and project management skills.

We are currently accepting new members!

If you are 15-25 years old and you desire to carry out your ambitious ideas, develop your creativity, and realize amazing projects with other young people, then Kumu Youth Club needs you! The museum is looking for partners among the young people to discuss their interests and see what could be accomplished together in Kumu. Be part of the change!

The future members do not have to possess “clearly identified” artistic skills, but bold approach and curiosity is what we are valuing – everyone is creative in their own way! Participation in the Kumu Youth Club is free for all members, but it requires commitment and energy. We meet in Kumu at least once a week on Thursday evenings.

New members to the Kumu Youth Club will be chosen from the applicants who complete the online form, which you can find HERE. Deadline for submission is September 19th, 2019.

Do you want to know more about the youth club? Want to meet its current members? Come to the Kumu Youth Club info event on Thursday, 17 September 2019 at 5 pm in the Education Centre of Kumu (free).

You can follow the activities of the Kumu Youth Club on Facebook and Instagram!