Kumu Youth Club

Kumu noorteklubi

For a while now, the Kumu Art Museum has operated in direct dialogue with youngsters. This was the reason for the creation, in the spring of 2015, of the Kumu Youth Club, the members of which plan events both for their peers and for the general public. We wish to offer a new approach to the exhibitions in the museum’s programme, exciting workshops, and an educational and fun way to spend leisure time, thus turning the museum into an enjoyable environment for youngsters. From youth for youth!

The members of the club come from all sorts of backgrounds: students from art schools, music lovers, computer nerds, surfers, fashion fanatics and others. They are all united in their interest in the many aspects of contemporary culture. In addition to satisfying their curiosity, the members constantly test their teamwork and project management skills.

You can follow the activities of the Kumu Youth Club on Facebook and Instagram!

Additional information:
Mary-Ann Talvistu
Leader of the Kumu Youth Club
Tel +372 5684 6001