Exhibitions 2019

Maire Männik: Estonian Legend in Paris
Maire Männik (1922–2003) was a sculptor who lived and worked in Paris for decades after World War II and studied with the famous Russian-French artist Ossip Zadkine. In her work, she combined motifs of nature with abstract elements. In 2004, her son donated most of her studio legacy to the Republic of Estonia.
Curator: Juta Kivimäe.

Art Museum of Estonia 100
Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor
On the occasion of the centenary of the Art Museum of Estonia, an examination of the museum’s collection will be organised in the Kumu’s Great Hall, the geographic and temporal dimensions of which extend from the international to the local, from the Middle Ages to the present day. All of the popular approaches to art history owe their emergence to the museum. But what happens when artists intervene and provide their own versions of an era, a work or a movement, when an artist functions as a curator?
Curator: Eha Komissarov.

Tommy Cash and Rick Owens. The Pure and the Damned
The saturnine style of the American fashion designer Rick Owens and the creative work of the Estonian weirdo-rapper Tommy Cash share a fascination with the destructive and slightly deformed body. Diabolical in fashion shows and shocking in music videos, this neo-goth trend is represented at the exhibition by Rick Owen’s exceptional costumes and Tommy Cash’s videos, complemented by new works that unite the practices of the two artists.
Curator: Kati Ilves.

Sots Art and Fashion: Conceptual Clothes from Eastern Europe
Sots art developed in Moscow in the early 1970s, when for the first time in the history of unofficial art, artists drew inspiration from previously despised Soviet visual culture. During the later years of perestroika, the ironic Soviet style unexpectedly blossomed in East European fashion.
Curator: Liisa Kaljula

Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect. Anu Vahtra: Completion through removal.
Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978) was an American conceptual artist, who fundamentally changed the understanding of architecture. His site-specific works revealed the chaos and anarchy behind the seeming order of the urban space. Anu Vahtra’s project in the Kumu Art Museum courtyard is inspired by Matta-Clark’s activities.
Curators: Sergio Bessa (The Bronx Museum of the Arts), Jessamyn Fiore (Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark) and Anu Allas.