Exhibitions 2006

Félicien Rops. Eros and Death
The Great Hall
The grand exposition of the works of Félicien Rops (1833-1898), the internationally renowned 19th century artist of Belgian descent, is of interest from several aspects. Through international cultural cooperation, an exhibition has arrived in Estonia that was compiled especially for the Kumu Art Museum. In addition to the Rops Museum, the owners of the works being exhibited at the show comprising 270 works, books, items, and photos include the Royal Library of Belgium, Ghent Art Museum, Mariemont Royal Museum, Wallonia Region, Charleroi Art Museum, several art galleries and tens of private collections. Thanks to their confidence, it is possible to exhibit the voluminous work of Rops, who is known as a graphic artist, book and fashion designer, painter, and drawer, in its entire versatility.

Mark Raidpere’s 5 Works
5th floor
For Mark Raidpere’s achievements in 2005 – successfully representing Estonia at the Venice biennial with his exhibition Isolator, and taking part in exhibitions abroad – Raidpere received the annual art award of the Hansabank Group. As customary on these occasions, besides the financial award the artist also has the chance to organise a properly funded exhibition in all three Baltic states.

Man Looking Back. The Early Work of Jüri Arrak
4th floor, A-wing, Project Space
Jüri Arrak is mostly known as the preacher of the Christian moral. Even the artist himself is beginning to forget, that 40 years ago, being a member of a grouping ANK’64 and a new graduate of the ERKI, he was a follower of avant garde, broke traditions and ridiculed the sanctity of art. Now, when the artist is turning 70, it seems appropriate to look back to those times.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005
The Great Hall
The competition showcases the very best photographic images of nature to a worldwide audience, displaying the splendour, drama and variety of life on Earth. It also aims to show the artistry involved in wildlife photography and encourage a new generation of photographers to produce visionary and evocative interpretations of nature.

Classics of Modernist Era. Andrus Johani and Kaarel Liimand
3rd floor, B-wing
The works of Andrus Johani (1906–1941) and Kaarel Liimand (1906–1941), companions in age and fate, are the brightest chapters among the school of artists graduating from the art school “Pallas”, established in 1919.

Collected Crises. Estonian Art in the 1990’s
5th floor
In compiling the exhibition, the curators have tried to approximate the context that reflected the art upheavals of the 1990s, through topics that describe the background and objectives of art from the 1990s.

From One Century to the Next. Kristjan and Paul Raud

The Great Hall
Originators of Estonian national art, the work of the twins Kristjan Raud and Paul Raud are relatively familiar to Estonians, primarily due to the illustrations for Kalevipoeg.

Symbols of National Identity
3rd floor, B-wing
The great figures of Estonian art history – Ants Laikmaa, Johann Köler and Eduard Wiiralt.

Alternative Art
4th floor, B-wing
The exhibition is dedicated to the avant-garde classics of the Soviet period and concentrates on the work of Ülo Sooster, Tõnis Vint, Kaljo Põllu, Leonhard Lapin, Raul Meel, and Jüri Okas.

Shiftscale – Sculpture at the Extended Field
The Great Hall & 5th floor
The opening show is an international exhibition “Shiftcale – Sculpture at the Extended Field”, curated by Mika Hannula, Villu Jaanisoo and Hanno Soans. The exhibition extends also to the temporary exhibitions hall dowstairs, as well as to the immediate surroundings of the museum.