14th Tallinn Print Triennial

Kumu Art Museum, Great Hall and 5th floor


14th Print Triennial will take place in Tallinn. The topic of this triennial is “Political/Poetical” and works are displayed at four locations. Tallinn Print Triennial is the best-known international art event in Estonia. Its history dates back to 1968. The author of the general concept of this triennial is Anders Härm.


The core exhibition of the triennial, displaying works by 102 artists from 36 countries and selected by the international panel can be seen on the 5th floor of Kumu Art Museum.


The exhibition of the Baltic countries – “1987. Baltic graphic art and posters from the last decade of the soviet period”, curated by Swedish art critic and curator Anders Kreuger, is displayed in the Big Hall of Kumu Art Museum. All works exhibited here were made in the three former Soviet republics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania before 1987. The exhibition could have taken place 20 years ago, at the last moment of soviet “normality” in the Baltic countries.


Tallinn Art Hall and Art Hall Gallery both display the curator exhibition of Anders Härm. The context of this exhibition includes (graphic) expression combining both – the political and the poetical. What kinds of “semantic relocations” are triggered by casting a political text into a poetical form? When does poetical become political and vice versa? Is Xerox-copy-based political propaganda a romantic self-deception, microscopic resistance, true political work, poetical self-expression or all this together? These and many other questions form the bundle of problems of this exhibition.


The personal exhibition of the grand prix winner of Tallinn XIII Print Triennial Egle Kuckaite – “Feelings Tired of Thinking. Adequate Tensions of Understanding a Child” – is displayed at Tallinn City Gallery.

The retrospective of movies by the National Cultural Wastes’ Recycling Cooperative “Pära Trust” is shown at the auditorium of Kumu Art Museum on October 18 at 19.00 p.m.


An international graphic art conference IMPACT 5 is taking place simultaneously with the opening of Tallinn XIV Print Triennial. A panel forum of Tallinn XIV Print Triennial “Impact 5. Slices of Time”, moderated by Anders Härm, will take place at the international multidisciplinary graphic art conference.


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