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Telling the American Story. The Producers

Telling the American Story. The Producers

Time: 11.04.17  18:00–19:30
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: Free of charge

Dir Mel Brooks, USA 1967, 88 min

In English, with English subtitles

This is an American satirical comedy directed by Mel Brooks and released by Embassy Pictures. Brooks was known to focus on comedy through satire, parody and musicals; he was one of the most successful film directors in 1970s American cinema and this was his first film. When it was released, it received mixed reviews but won the Academy Award and Writers Guild of America Award for best Original Screenplay. It tells the story of a theatrical producer and a timid accountant who want to produce a sure-fire Broadway flop. They devise a scheme to take more money from investors than they can repay and plan to abscond to Brazil as soon as the play closes. However, their scheme goes awry when the play becomes a surprise hit.