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S. I. N. 1/3 süntees

S. I. N. 1/3 süntees

Time: 22.05.17  19:00–19:40
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: Free of charge

Choreographer: Jaroslav Galitski

Dancers: Aneta Varts, Ingrid Elsa Mugu, Liise-Marie Valgi, Marta Jamsja, Kerstin Vnukova, Kristin Tagam, Siim Praats, Silver Soorsk

Composer: Einike Leppik
Scenographer: Tamara Matjanina
Supervisor: Heili Einasto

Imagine a story, what’s large as the world.

What’s longer than history you have ever heard.

Some day in the future with help of fates leed.
May be even you will take part in it.
So be prepared and look around.
Beginning of story is starting right now!

40 min