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Ansamblid Juhan ja Jäääär: JÄÄ JUHAN!

Ansamblid Juhan ja Jäääär: JÄÄ JUHAN!

Time: 11.03.17  19:00–21:30
Location: Kumu auditorium
Price: 18 €

Duration: 2 h 30min

To celebrate Mother Language Day, two bands, Juhan and Jäääär (The Ice Edge), join forces in a joint concert at the Art Museum Of Estonia, KUMU. The bands play original music written on texts by Juhan Liiv (Juhan), and a number of highly valued Estonian poets (Jäääär).

Juhan Liiv’s (1864–1913) life story is a textbook example of a talented author who had trouble in his lifetime finding a place and earning recognition in society, and whose oeuvre was hailed only posthumously. Juhan Liiv dealt with incomplete education, difficulties with publishing his works, psychological over-sensitivity, rootlessness, poverty, and growing acclaim that arrived after his death when streets, a school and an award were named after him, and a museum was dedicated to him. His oeuvre is still topical a century after the poet’s demise. Serving as proof is the band Juhan, whose music is based on Juhan Liiv’s works. Juhan consists of the well-known musicians Riho Sibul (singer and guitarist), Jaak Sooäär (guitarist), Henno Kelp (bass guitarist) and Andrus Lillepea (drummer). In 2013, the group released a record entitled Juhan, which was inspired by Liiv’s writings on social issues.

Jäääär has been active for more than 26 years. The music of the group is based on texts by a number of great Estonian poets, such as Artur Alliksaar, Juhan Viiding, Indrek Hirv and Doris Kareva, as well as such contemporary authors as Andrus Rootsmäe, alias InBoil, Aadu Lintrop and others. The focus of the band has been and still is on the Estonian language in all its glory and on the ideas found in the poetry of the above-mentioned authors. The band includes Jaan Sööt (singer and guitarist), Tõnu Timm (singer and guitarist), Teet Velling (Irish whistle player, percussionist, guitarist and singer) and Tarvo Jaaksoo (bass guitarist and singer).