Kumu Courtyard Map

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Come and get acquainted with the Kumu courtyard with the help of this special map. The courtyard is the perfect place for organising treasure hunts, as well as polishing your orientation skills. An architectural environment like this is hard to find anywhere else in Tallinn: stylistically angular but circular in form.

What all can we find here? The courtyard map will help you out!

For the summer, ping-pong tables are also set up in the Kumu courtyard, where everyone can play when the courtyard is open (Mon-Sun 8 am to 8 pm). You will find everything you need on site! In addition, there are art books in the small colourful courtyard libraries that you can browse through in the courtyard, or take home if you like.

The map introducing the Kumu courtyard as an architectural environment and the art works found therein has been prepared with the help of the architect Kadri Klementi (architectural bureau b210).

You can view and download the map here.