Exhibitions 2017

Anu Põder. Be Fragile! Be Brave!
5th floor
Anu Põder is one of the most distinctive contemporary Estonian sculptors and installation artists. Having started in the 1970s, Põder deals with human psychology and senses and, unlike most of her contemporaries, she avoided depicting Soviet Estonia.
Curator: Rebeka Põldsam

Symmetrical Worlds – Mirrored Symmetries. Ülo Sooster, Juri Sobolev, Tõnis Vint and Raul Meel
4th floor
The exhibition examines the thinking and creative dialogue of the unofficial artists in Tallinn and Moscow during the Soviet period. The significant common denominator of the four renowned artists is the synthesising of art and science in their works.
Curators: Anna Romanova and Eha Komissarov

Self-Portrait 4
Showcase has a history as an exhibition space that takes contemporary art out of art centres. Mikk-Artur Ostrov’s artwork displays a corruption of this artistic idea through the artist’s need for self-actualization.